Pests to Watch out for in 2024, Pest Control

It is reasonable to think that pest activities deteriorate when the temperature drops. Besides, pests like wasps, mites, and many others are more prominent in the summer. Nonetheless, some pests are also active in the winter that infest homes in search of food and shelter. Furthermore, we shall tell you about winter pests you should watch out for in 2024. Additionally, you should take the right action concerning pest control in Toronto against winter pests in 2024. It will help you avert winter pests from infesting your home in Toronto.

Pests to Watch out for in 2024 & Pest Control  

Here are winter pests you should watch out for in 2024 and take the right action to avert them:  

Cockroaches (Roaches): 

Cockroaches are prevalent in Toronto, and there are more than 4100 species of roaches in the world. Further, there are not many species of roaches in Toronto that can infest your home. German cockroaches and oriental cockroaches, to name a few. Usually, roaches infest homes in colder months in search of food and refuge. 

Further, they may enter your home via human-carried items., like bags. Or they may enter your home, bypassing the doors and windows. It is imperative to get a professional pest treatment instantly, even if you see a few roaches in your home. Please remember roaches reproduce fast, as a single roach can produce 200 to 300 roaches in a year.


Fleas are a problem year-round for homeowners, especially when they and their pets spend time outdoors. Besides, the winter hinders the fleas’ ability to multiply, and they are typically an issue within homes in colder months. Moreover, many adult fleas start seeking shelter indoors in the late fall to lay their eggs and multiply.

In addition, these pests can jump up to 150 times their height, which makes them common pests indoors. Fleas generally attack animals rather than humans, and flea bites can severely impact a pet’s immune system. Moreover, eliminating these pests from home should remain the responsibility of homeowners.

Bed Bugs: 

Bed bugs are also troublesome winter pests that can infest your home in Toronto. Besides, they have remained a problem in apartments and condominiums in Canada for many years. Pest control in Toronto against bed bugs is a constant need of homeowners and hoteliers for the same reason.

Additionally, bed bugs have six legs, and they measure less than a quarter of an inch as adults. Generally, bed bugs are active at night because they are nocturnal creatures, similar to roaches. Further, bedbug bites do not spread disease but can leave itchy, red, and painful marks on the human skin.  

House Mice: 

House mice are among the worst pests to find in your home in Toronto. House mice are not only a nuisance but also carry many health risks. Besides, house mice feed on cereal, bread, and other grain products. They also spread germs fast; furthermore, female house mice can give birth to six babies every three weeks. Droppings and chew marks are a few signs of a house mice infestation. Moreover, calling pest control experts, like Pesticon, is always your best bet for dealing with a house mice infestation effectively.


Similar to house mice, rats can also infest your home in the winter in search of food and shelter. Besides, Norway rats are a widespread problem that you can encounter in your home in Toronto. They are eight inches long and easier to spot, too, as they are visible in broad daylight.

Moreover, Norway rats are omnivore pests; thus, they may consume any food they may find in your home. Besides, dog food remains their favourite. In addition, leaving your dog’s food on the floor can create problems for you if Norway rats infest your home. They can cause significant structural damage to your property due to their gnawing ability.

Furthermore, rats are also a hygienic nuisance and carriers of many diseases. It is best to take action for pest control against rats quickly if you spot them in your home. Otherwise, you will invite the problem yourself to increase with the multiplication of rats over time.   


It is reasonable to think pest activities start declining in colder months. Nonetheless, some pests remain a problem for homeowners in colder months. The following are five common winter pests that you should watch out for in the winter and take the right action against them concerning pest control in Toronto in your home:

  1. Roaches
  2. Fleas
  3. Bed Bugs
  4. House Mice
  5. Rats

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