Mississauga’s Marijuana: A Chronic Pain Ally

One of the main reasons why many people use marijuana is to fight chronic pain. Besides, a study also suggests “80 percent of users who took weed found it extremely helpful to fight pain. Contrarily, more than 80 percent of users who took OTC (Over-the-Counter) medications or opioids stopped taking them.” Marijuana in Mississauga can help people fight chronic pain, and we shall tell you: How?

Why Use Weed to Fight Chronic Pain in Mississauga  

Two major cannabinoids that marijuana contains are THC and CBD. Further, both can help people deal with chronic pain, and here is: How:

How Does THC Help Fight Chronic Pain? 

THC firsts act on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of users to activate the brain’s reward system to alleviate pain levels. Additionally, when THC binds with cannabinoid receptors, it inhibits neurons that cause pain. As a result, the pain signals and perception in users reduce. It is how THC halts pain signals and helps users fight pain.

How Does CBD Help Fight Chronic Pain? 

CBD that marijuana has helps people fight pain due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics. CBD possibly stimulates a CBD response to mitigate small proteins causing inflammation. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD is particularly helpful for treating pain that arises due to systematic inflammation. Besides, CBD is also not psychoactive, unlike THC, which causes the high.

Best Marijuana for Pain

According to experts, “the available marijuana strains today are more than 700.” The aforementioned number is great news from the point of view of cannabis enthusiasts. Put differently, it means cannabis enthusiasts can try a different marijuana strain every day for two years without repetition. However, it is hard to predict the best marijuana strains for patients who seek relief from chronic pain. Even choosing between Sativa or Indica is itself a challenge in this regard.

Moreover, we want you to know the difference between Indica and Sativa strains before we reveal to you the name of the best strains for the treatment of chronic pain.

Indica or Sativa for Chronic Pain?

Marijuana in Mississauga that you find as Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa differ in the high they produce. Indica strains tend to produce a body high, which is more relaxing and sedating. Conversely, Sativa strains tend to produce a head high, which is energetic, uplifting, more focusing, and productive. Further, Indica strains are suitable for night-time use, whereas Sativa strains are appropriate for daytime use. Furthermore, a study published in the Journal of Alternative ad Comprehensive Medicine reveals “participants favoured Indica flowers for pain management.” Besides, there are also Hybrid cannabis strains for enjoying the pain-relieving effects of Indica and simultaneously evading the lethargic effects.

Five Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief:

Here are the five best marijuana strains to fight chronic pain:

  1. Koolato: It is a hybrid marijuana strain, that is, a cross of Face on Fire, GSC, and Gelato #33 strains. It is unquestionably the best strain for easing chronic pain with its calming and fatigue-reducing effects. Plus, the best time to use it is after a long day of work in order to relax.
  1. Northern Lights: It is an Indica strain, which descended from Afghani and Thai strains. Due to the intense body high, it has the ability to relax the body and lets its users fall asleep. It can help people fight insomnia and fatigue. Further, it is best to use before going to bed.
  1. Master Kush: Master Kush is an Indica strain, which triggers a body-numbing high in users to fight chronic pain. It is an excellent strain to fight insomnia, fatigue, and ameliorate appetite. Moreover, the best time to use Master Kush is the end of the day.
  1. Blueberry: The Blueberry strain is an Indica strain, which is a cross of Purple Thai and Thai strains. It is a highly effective strain for mitigating short-time pain that injuries or surgeries cause. Plus, the best time to consume the Blueberry strain is the end of the day.  
  1. Harlequin: Harlequin is a Sativa strain, which is very effective when it comes to pain and anxiety treatment. Further, it is a perfect strain for daytime or night-time use.


Marijuana in Mississauga that you can get your hands on from a weed dispensary, such as DoorBud, has the ability to help cannabis users fight chronic pain. Besides, both THC and CBD in marijuana have pain-relieving properties. Generally, Indica strains are a go-to option for cannabis users to fight chronic pain. Lastly, the following are the best five marijuana strains to fight chronic pain:

  1. Koolato
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Master Kush
  4. Blueberry
  5. Harlequin 

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