Vintage & Stylish Party Dresses For Women

In this fast world where everything is mass-produced from fast food to fast fashion. Designers and brands throw unique and often weird clothing cutting the dresses in almost more than half to reveal the skin.

Also, these fast fashion garments are produced in factories so their production hurts the environment. Customers nowadays are searching for what’s trending nowadays “sustainable fashion.” This means they wear vintage clothing whose designs are at least 20 years old to 100 years old.

Sustainable fashion is getting trendy among consumers as they want to appreciate the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail in clothing to express their style and contribute to the betterment of the environment.

In this blog post, we’re talking about those vintage and stylish party dresses of the 1900s to bring back old fashion to life. Those party dresses have charm, from chic skirts of the 1950s to old-fashioned blossom dresses matched with their sandals.

Without a doubt, they’re true sustainable dresses, their style is better than today’s fast fashion. Let’s explore more classic vintage party dress goodies like them.

1920s Flapper Dresses:

After World War I, women started to promote liberation and cultural changes as that era is also called “Roaring Twenties.” For the first time in the history of women’s fashion, flapper dresses were introduced by shortening the length of the dress from the bottom, which they called “short-hemmed design” which are skirts nowadays and loose fitting was introduced.

Women started to promote that as that defied the old traditional fashion and cultural norms. Flapper dresses were also promoted by celebrities of that time. This spark of new short skirt-type fashion led to today’s short dresses for women.

Women also started wearing more accessories with these dresses including long necklaces, handbands and hats. They’d cut their hair short and wear makeup to express the new culture of freedom of expression and would dance in the dress. Without a doubt, the flapper is a true vintage and stylish party dress you can invest in today.

You’ll admire the detailed embellishment of the designers of that time. Today’s women love flapper dresses, making them a fabulous choice for parties. And trust us, you’ll stand out among other girls wearing cheap modern designs.

1920s Scarlett Dress:

This scarlet dress screams for its meticulously crafted fashion as it’s the 1920s-inspired design. The light colour and maxi-type design further increase the dress’s charm.

With its dazzling sequins and fringed hemline, this look takes you back to the dazzling 1920s – perfect for any glamorous event! Paired with satin gloves and bejewelled headbands, the scarlet dress stands out as a vintage beauty, ensuring the wearer will sparkle throughout the event.

Such attention to historical detail not only revives the vibe of the Gatsby era but also offers a nod to timeless elegance. The dress itself creates an ambience of nostalgia and luxury, bearing the flamboyance of the Jazz Age.

The Scarlett dress is ideal for glamorous events themed around the 1920s. You’ll look and feel fabulous dancing away all night as if you’ve stepped into a golden era.

1950s Swing Dress:

The 1950s earned the nickname “Roaring 50s” as women’s fashion entered a new stage. These swing dresses are the most inspiring dresses of the 1950s that women wear today. While design trends are coming and fleeing, swing dresses are never losing their charm.

These swing dresses, today come in various colours and patterns with embellishments of flower patterns and more. The dance environment of the 1950s was hot as women would dance in clubs and these dresses served as the beauty of dance.

Unfortunately, today’s party of dance dresses are a symbol of designers just cutting the parts and revealing more skin with weird designs.

Swing dress truly expresses a girl’s personality of being stylish and civilised. You can wear these swing dresses in summer. We’d advise you to fill these swing dresses with different colours and patterns in your wardrobe.

Brands like Marimekko and (another brand) have classic dresses with a modern touch and colours but are still sustainable. Take a step into vintage and sustainable fashion and save your money with the Marimekko discount code and coupons.

They’re timeless and you shouldn’t care about fast fashion and trends. One high-quality swing dress can last long and help you fulfil the goal of sustainable fashion women.

1960s Cocktail Dresses

A slightly more modern design of cocktail dresses in the 1960s brought another fashion craze in the decade. As the name suggests, people wore this dress at formal parties, specifically at “cocktail parties.”

They were the modern version of 1920s cocktail dresses, with skirts reaching the knee or below the knee. But this time, the dresses were in bolder colours and patterns.

Women considered them appropriate and wore dresses with dropped waists and loose fits at social gatherings. They give the perfect example of the transition from the old-style 50s to the more liberated and expressive era of the 60s.

Dresses either featured visible sleeves or were sleeveless, with embellishments such as sequins, beads, and lace often enhancing them to symbolize elegance and sophistication. Overall the dress was the symbol of new daring fashion and the changing era of the 1960s with advancements in technology.

These cocktail dresses also reflected the geometric patterns and pop-art influences of the era. With icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy wearing these styles, the 1960 cocktail dress is an exemplary piece of that time.

They still evoke a sense of vintage charm and are perfect for current-day events that desire a touch of classic elegance.


These vintage and stylish party dresses for women are truly sustainable and timeless today. These dresses are not just for sustainable fashion lovers but If you love the 1900s culture and society, these dresses will take you to times of fashion revolution. Be sure you buy these dresses from high-quality brands that sell sustainable clothes and keep the environment safe. Most brands today meet the consumers’ desire to bring those timeless pieces with a modern touch and most of them craft and sell handmade dresses!

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