The Educational Landscape: Comparing Primary School Fees In Singapore 

Are you gearing up to dive into the exciting and sometimes overwhelming world of schooling choices in Little Red Dot? Look no further, as we’re about to embark on an insightful journey through the lush educational landscape of Singapore. 

Here, we’re all about making sense of those digits that pop up when we talk about primary school fees in Singapore. Whether you’ve lived on this sunny island for ages or just landed, you know that selecting the right school for your kiddo is quite the mission. 

With a potpourri of curricula ranging from the International Baccalaureate to the steadfast British system and a medley of cultures simmering in every classroom, schools in Singapore are an eclectic bunch. They are as diverse as the city itself! And let’s be honest, when it comes to school fees, we all hope for an epic education that doesn’t require a treasure hunt to fund it, right?

Let’s take a closer look at the fees across some of the top schools in Singapore and examine the value they offer.

Singapore’s Educational Landscape 

From the high-energy buzz of local schools infused with a strong Singaporean core curriculum to the international hubs offering everything from the IB to the American, British, and even the Indian CBSE—there’s a flavour for every academic taste.

But it’s not just about the global mix; it’s the quality that sets schools in Singapore apart. It’s a place where education often feels like it’s on the fast track due to the competitive, high-achieving environment, yet there’s a growing emphasis on creative learning, holistic development, and moral education. 

This ensures little ones aren’t just book-smart, but world-ready. Plus, the island’s top-notch teaching methodologies and cutting-edge facilities are the cherries on top of a very well-baked education system cake. 

Top Primary Schools in Singapore 

  1. Global Indian International School (GIIS)

A blend of Eastern values and Western innovation in education could describe the Global Indian International School. Catering to various curricula such as CBSE, IB, IGCSE, and Indian, helps the institution accommodate a diverse student population. 

But what’s it going to cost? Well, the fees range from SGD 17,104 to 28,227 annually, striking a balance between affordability and quality education in Singapore’s vibrant international school scene.

  1. Tanglin Trust School

Steeped in British tradition yet embracing the international ethos through the IB curriculum, Tanglin Trust School offers a slice of British education in the heart of Asia. It’s a place where traditional learning meets a modern, innovative approach. 

The price tag for such a prestigious education ranges from SGD 27,714 to 45,828 annually. While it may be on the higher end, many parents find the school’s long-standing reputation for excellence worth the investment.

  1. Singapore American School

Do you want your child to experience a slice of the American dream in the Little Red Dot? The Singapore American School, with its all-American curriculum, is one of the choices that might catch your fancy. 

The annual fees here are set between SGD 23,436 and 37,262. This school focuses on providing a balanced education that fosters a spirit of innovation and independence amongst its young learners.

  1. Dulwich College Singapore

Sporting a fee range from SGD 49,310 to 61,350, Dulwich College Singapore is the embodiment of blending traditional British education with a modern touch. 

Offering the IB and IGCSE curriculum, Dulwich prides itself on academic excellence and a strong pastoral care system that’s engraved in its quintessentially British ethos.

  1. Stamford American International School

If you’re leaning towards an education that combines the American education system with the rigor of the IB curriculum, Stamford American International School is worth considering. 

The school fee spectrum here ranges from SGD 17,372 up to 46,545 annually. The fees reflect the school’s mission to inspire students to create their own unique future in a globalized world.

  1. One World International School 

A cool spot that serves up the International Baccalaureate (IB) alongside the IGCSE. It’s like a world tour for your little one’s brain. Here, fees will have you shelling out between SGD 17,970 and 20,661. It’s a decent middle ground, offering up a global curriculum without sending you to the poor house.

  1. Rosemount International School

With the IB curriculum, they offer a focused yet flexible learning environment. And guess what? You can educate your young’un here for fees ranging from SGD 4,764 to 20,138. That’s pretty sweet, right? It’s definitely one of the more wallet-friendly international setups around town.

  1. Dover Court International School

For those of you leaning towards a British curriculum, this could be your jam. Fees here run from SGD 25,448 to a whopping 49,806. It’s on the heftier side, but hey, it’s British education with that colonial chic ambience.


Each of these schools in Singapore stands out for its unique curriculum, cultural diversity, and ethos. When considering primary school fees in Singapore, it’s not just about the figures. Value comes from the quality of education, the diversity of the student body, extracurricular offerings, and the school’s ethos – elements that these institutions pitch distinctly.

As you ponder your choices, remember that the best school for your child isn’t necessarily the one with the highest fees or the most acclaimed curriculum; it’s the place where your child will thrive academically, socially, and personally. Happy school hunting!

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