How to dress your kids like an Elf Christmas

The holiday season is here. It implies that one of the people’s favourite traditions- “Elf on the Shelf” is back. Elves are Santa’s helper who helps him decorate and drop Christmas gifts at the children’s home. Usually dressed in red from head to toe, elves prepare for Christmas for the children to be glee.

What’s the Story of “Elves on the Shelf?”

It began as a tradition after the book “The Elf on the Shelf”, and the companies sold elf kits for girls and boys. Since then, the line has developed into garments, toys, readers, accompaniments, animals, and more.

In this tradition, a family adopts an elf who shares the vital job of being Santa’s watcher and ear during Christmas. According to the traditional story, the elf returns to Santa each night to report the children’s behaviour, and then he returns in the morning to hide in the new spot in the very home. It interests kids to search for him and spot him. Some elves dress relocate, while some are known to create mischief in the house.

On December 24th, it is the time for them to leave. It happens soon after Santa presents the Children with the gifts, and he takes his elves back to the North Pole. However, he leaves a hint of homecoming the next year.

Soon after, individual households began this tradition of opting for some people as elves until Christmas day. Thus, they seek different costumes and apparel to suggest the elves to wear until Christmas. This tradition begins on December 1st. If you are fond of the tradition but running out of outfit ideas, the blog may help.

7 Unique Elf Dress Ideas for Kids for Christmas Celebrations

Whether you are a student, professional or a homemaker, a Christmas party brings a smile to your face. After all, isn’t it about Santa and surprises? If you are keen to enjoy Christmas as one of Santa’s little helpers, check out some trendy elf dress ideas for kids:

Elf Snowman Sweater and Coats

If your kid is stylish, he/she will love the combination. The funny thing about the costume is you can match the accessories or leave one. For example, if your kid does not like a bow, he can leave it. Instead, you can help him dress in simple pants and shorts with a sweater. The costume does not cost much.

You can get it all within just £100. Moreover, if you have twins, they can twin on the dresses too. Get them similar dresses. If one likes piping on the collars, get him that one.

Pizza costume to infuse the craving

Christmas is all about infusing creativity everywhere. Whether the decorations or costumes, it has to be fun. What could be better than your little one representing a pizza slice? It would drool to see your cutie pie in a little pizza slice. It would be one of the best elf dress ideas to check.

Baby Santa Little Helper costume

Get your little bundle of joy involved in the festive cheer. He will be busy supporting Santa’s cause. Thus, help him be comfortable and warm this winter. The costume is a red and green body suit featuring a baby apron on the front. It has a pocket where the baby may keep necessary tools to help Santa meet the requirements while on his journey to sending and placing gifts in children’s homes. Sometimes, you may find little helper costumes with skid-resistant feet. It keeps your baby’s body-like- hands and feet warm all day long. Moreover, it features a candy cane striped hat as well.

However, it is a little costly. If undergoing financial hardships, consider skipping the costume. Most individuals avoid it due to low credit as well.

Low income and credit make it impossible to do things you want for your kid’s first Christmas. However, you do not need to be restrained anymore. Some lenders provide loans for people with bad credit scores. Thus, you can rationalise your dream of watching your kid in the best-ever costume on his first Christmas hassle-free. It is your baby’s first Christmas. It has to be special. It is just the right costume to make things memorable for you and your kid.

Child North Pole elf costume

If you want to see your 13-year-old dressed decently and revealing the real elf, the North Pole Elf costume is your pick. You can dress your child with the ideal hat, tunic, leggings, belt and a clip.

It is a go-to costume for your little girl to help the Santa. She will be most glad to see the dress. Moreover, the costume reveals the full Christmas charm she can wear to participate in a small school skit or at home for a small play.

Kids’ Gingerbread man

Who doesn’t love a bite of homemade gingerbread on Christmas day? Well, everyone does. Gingerbread accounts for one of the most important ingredients in Christmas. Families love to decorate their gingerbread houses with the help of their kids. Why not turn your kids into cute-looking gingerbreads? Your little one may go bouncing off the walls with sweets and sugar. Your child will love this Gingerbread costume idea.

Kid’s Olaf costume

Is your kid a dear fan of Disney’s Frozen? Then, he would love to deck himself up as Olaf, the princess Anna’s best friend. Children and adults alike love Olaf. How about preparing and building your snowman this Christmas? You can spot Olaf costumes for both girls and boys in the market. Get your kid one and check their reaction. It would be priceless!

Gold Star-studded elf costume

It is best for your kid if she fancies being a star in her recent play. Children love stars more than anyone else. Thus, if you want to hold this to your daughter, it would be an incredible gift for her. Gift her star-studded elf costume before Christmas. She would love to wear it as one of the Santa’s volunteers.

Bottom line

These are some critical ideas to dress up as elves for your kids. You can find many dresses apart from the usual elf costume in the market. Identify the outfit that goes well with your kid’s personality. Buying your children a good set of elf costumes brings smiles to their faces. It is high time to get them a new one. Which of these would you buy up for your kid? Comment.

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