What are The Types Of Rajyog In Kundli Chart

Everyone desires happiness and wishes to attain the highest level of fulfillment. However, your destiny determines how much fulfillment you have the right to. A person’s Kundli can be used to determine their happiness and sadness based on the positions of their planets and yogas. One of these yogas is the Raj yog in janam kundli, which develops when fortunate planets align in a kundli.

Raj yog’s effects in Kundli are dependent on the inherent positive energy and position of planets, which influence how you obtain beneficial experiences in life (either legally or illegally, by love or force, etc.). There are several raj yog combinations in kundli, each providing different levels of benefit. It is wrong to believe that someone will become a king simply because this yoga exists in their Kundli.

Many additional favorable and unfavorable aspects may also influence how luxurious a person’s lifestyle would be. The highest point of the triangle is Goddess Lakshmi, and the highest point of the Kendra House is Lord Vishnu. When these two are combined, the native has great luck. In a kundli, this Raj yog showers success, fame, and fortune. The husband of a woman with Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga within her Kundli would be well-respected and wealthy in society. Now, let us discover different types of Rajyoga.

Rajyog Types in Kundli

The Janam Kundli has many different kinds of raj yogas, and each raj yoga in the kundli is very important. Now let’s examine the meanings of each rajyog in the Kundli.

Ruchika Yoga

In Kundli, Ruchika Raj Yogi indicates that the native has been gifted with fame, prosperity, and the ability to create a strong moral code. Based on the location of Mars, Ruchika Yoga was created. Additionally, if one wants to know if they have these types of yoga in their kundli or not, they can use Free Janam Kundali Analysis.

Hamsa Yoga

In Janampatri, the location of Jupiter creates Hamsa Yoga. The individuals who have Hamsa Yoga live long, intelligent, and spiritual lives.

Malavya Yoga

Venus’s grace is the basis of Malavya Yoga. Malavya Yoga natives lead happy, luxurious lives in marriage.

Bhadra Yoga

Mercury’s position creates Bhadra Yoga. It helps the natives maintain a strong standing in society and improves their speaking skills.

Shasha Yoga

Saturn’s location creates Shasha Yoga. Shasha yoga individuals make excellent politicians, and their good fortune is apparent in the political field.

Sunapha Yoga

Sunapha yoga is established when planets other than the Sun are in the 2nd house from the moon sign in the individual’s Janampatri.

Anaphora Yoga

Sunapha Yoga and Anaphora Yoga are comparable once again. With the exception of the Sun, all planets in Anaphora Yoga are located in the 12th house from the moon sign.

Anaphora Yoga bestows spirituality and leadership abilities on the individual.

Durudhara Yoga

The combination of the Anapha and Sunapha yogas is this one. With the exception of the Sun, planets are located in the Moon’s second and twelfth houses.

This brings wealth and admiration to the natives.

Vesi Yoga

The formation of Vesi Yoga occurs when planets, other than the Moon, are in the 2nd house from the Sun. Currently, the planets in the 2nd house determine how auspicious anything is. When fortunate planets align in the 2nd house, it benefits natives who work hard and build good relationships.

Ubhayachari Yoga

This type of yoga is a mixture of Vasi and Vesi. There are planets in the second and twelfth houses; except the Moon. The natives may benefit from good fortune if the celestial bodies are in alignment.

Trikon Yoga

Individuals who have Trikon Yoga benefit from prosperity and good fortune in business and government service.

Dhan Yoga

As the name indicates, Dhan yoga makes people wealthy. They are fortunate to live a life of luxury and prosperity.

Chandra Yoga

When Mars and the Moon are in a house together, it is known as Chandra Mangal Yoga. The individuals can make a lot of money and their financial situation will always be prosperous and magnificent when this Yoga is present in the Janampatri.

Gaj Kesari Yoga

One of the most well-known and significant forms of yoga is Gaj Kesari Raj Yog. Jupiter forms it when it is in the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses from the Moon, which is also known as the Kendra.

An individual of Gaj Kesari Yoga gains prosperity, popularity, and recognition in life.


Meet a professional astrologer and have a kundli analysis to see if you contain one of these beneficial yogas or not. Furthermore, an individual with one of these yogas will live a luxurious and wealthy life. However, one should not solely depend on these yogas. One’s hard work is the key factor that determines their success and fame. Therefore, believe in yourself and work as hard as you can to live a meaningful life.

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