A Complete Guideline On Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are becoming popular and many brands that deal with small to medium-sized products, gift shop owners, and bakeries use these boxes. This is not a new box style but it is becoming popular day by day and the reason for this is that it is unique and gives customers a memorable experience. 

Like all the other custom boxes, these boxes are also made of sturdy and durable paper-based material that keeps the packed item secure. The boxes are designed with premium prints so that the distinction of your brand remains as is and customers easily notice your company. 

Brands that want to make their products unique and want to entice customers then start packing their products in printed pillow boxes and see an immense change in the gross sales of your company. 

What Are Pillow Boxes? 

Unlike the regular packaging, these boxes are not in square or rectangular shapes. As the name of the boxes indicates their shape resembles the pillows with the two corners of the boxes flatted and tucked in and the middle portion swelled like a pillow. 

Personalised Pillow boxes can make your product outclass in the real market and help you in increasing your sales. Although these boxes were not used frequently in the past, now the trend is increasing toward unconventional packaging styles and pillow packaging is among the top choices of brands. 

Manufacturing Of Boxes 

No matter how much the boxes are, their quality and look depend upon the way they are manufactured. To manufacture pillow boxes wholesale attractively and elegantly brands need to invest in packaging companies that have years of experience, skilled staff, and updated manufacturing facilities. 

Nonetheless, before going to a packaging company you must understand the basics of box manufacturing. So read the below-written information to know more about the packaging:


To manufacture the boxes, material is the main thing that gives outclass, sturdy, and premium in nature. The main three material that you can use are: 


Kraft pillow boxes are used when the packaging is required when brands want to go all organic. If you are selling herbal soaps then this is an ideal material to manufacture the boxes as it is 100 % sustainable and gives the required protection to the packed bars. 


The second material that we can use to manufacture the boxes is cardboard. Among all the cardboard packaging materials is the top priority of companies to manufacture custom pillow boxes. The main reason for the ubiquitous use of cardboard is that it is sturdy and is available in multiple types.


Corrugated material has flutes that enhance the robust nature of the boxes. These flutes act as a cushion when pressure approaches the product. This material is available in several thicknesses. However, this material is not as popular in the manufacturing of personalized pillow boxes as the other two are. 


You can make your boxes more appealing when you go with the best printing processes. The selection of printing colours must be done wisely as these colours will define the look and the worth of your products. You can go with the following options to design the boxes: 

Offset Printing 

Offset printing is used in packaging companies as it is the fastest method. When you need small pillow boxes in bulk then this method should be your top priority. With high-quality prints and enticing designs offset printing will increase the charm of your boxes to manifolds. 

Digital Printing

The second printing method is digital printing which is an economical, fast, and effective printing method that allows you to impress the customers instantly. 

Screen Printing 

Screen printing is a manual process where simple designs can be printed on the boxes with ease. This is also good but as it is a manual process it takes a bit longer to get the final product. 


You must have seen pillow boxes with handles, these handles are called add-ons or embellishments. Apart from handles on the boxes, you can go with die-cut windows, embossing, debossing, and even metallic foiling on the boxes.  

What Brands Can Use Pillow Boxes? 

The best thing about the boxes is that they can be used to pack a diverse variety of products. From small to medium-sized products this packaging style is the best. If you want to sell favours on Christmas then you can use Christmas pillow boxes and if you are looking to sell jewelry again this box style is a good option. The following companies can use pillow boxes: 

  • Jewelry sellers
  • Cosmetic and pharma industries 
  • For souvenir 
  • To pack favours
  • Candy and chocolate brands 

Sum Up! 

Pillow boxes can give your product a unique identity that will make the customer invest in your products. The boxes are made of quality material so if you are facing difficulty in selling your products then you can invest in the boxes and ensure your product safety. With professional printings and elegant look pillow shape boxes are becoming a top priority of brands dealing with small-sized items. 

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