How to Launch a Restaurant Business With a Gojek Clone

The importance of Gojek Clone cannot be undermined from an entrepreneur’s perspective. It has often been said that clone apps save time and money, but it is much more than that. Read this blog to find out the best way to launch your restaurant business without hiring any in-house designers or developers.


Food delivery apps have made quite an impact when it comes to entrepreneurship and unicorn companies. Nowadays, people are making their apps to get some sense of approval regarding their business mindset. However, the reality is that almost 90% of startups fail in the first year of their launch. That means out of 100 new companies, only 10 will survive the next year in terms of sales and profits.

Competitive Industry Edge

Gojek went from a small ride-hailing startup to a multi-service giant by knowing how to tap technology to give customers what they want most – food brought to them conveniently. As Gojek started from humble beginnings in Indonesia before expanding into a food delivery giant, any restaurant can follow its strategic playbook for mobile success. Here’s a sneak peek at how restaurants, both big and small, can cook up their own Gojek clone app:

Start By Building an MVP

Don’t bite off more than you can chew by trying to launch a complex app right off the bat! Start lean with a simple yet functional Minimum Viable Product focused on core delivery and payment.

Custom Tailor the User Experience

Make your app uniquely your own! Pick tantalizing colors, mouth-watering food pictures, and seamless flows tailored to food. Build the next viral sensation with UX designed just for foodies.

Integrate With Your Point of Sale

The best Gojek clone apps directly integrate with your restaurant POS system, allowing immediate order processing and seamless kitchen fulfillment to delivery handoff, reducing errors and wasted time.

Enable Multiple Payment Options

Let customers pay how they want with integrated mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Later, you can add peer-to-peer options to complete more orders.

Implement Discounts and Promos

Offer in-app discounts, promo codes, and early access menus to hook diners on delicious savings and exclusive access only through your app! And, of course, as you scale, don’t forget key optimizations like multi-store inventory management, real-time analytics dashboards, and rich customer data profiles.

Get your app out there!

Even starting simple and building over time puts you light-years ahead of the competition, still stuck in the past. White-label Gojek clones are ready-to-go food delivery apps that can be completely customized and launched under your branding in 1-2 weeks. These clones give you the smart tech foundations and best practices that Gojek’s wild success perfected. Then, make it your own with tailored menus, promotions, user flows, and more specially crafted to match your restaurant’s vibe and offerings.

The biggest benefit of starting with a white-label clone is getting to market faster than you could by coding a complicated on-demand app. And you still get to maintain total brand control and exclusivity since the app remains 100% privately labeled for your business alone. On average, white-label Gojek clones cost only a fraction of what it would cost you to build from scratch! We’re talking about a $15-20k maximum to customize your branded delivery solution to your needs. Which is pennies compared to missing out on all those digital dollars from mobile food orders.

Finally, lean on the experience of your white-label developer to incorporate the latest tools needed to crush it in on-demand delivery: real-time GPS tracking, smart dispatch algorithms, flexible payment integrations, and analytics dashboards.

Pick Up Complimentary Services

That’s been the ingenious move that transformed Gojek from a small startup to a multi-billion dollar behemoth. They started with ride-sharing, then layered in food, packages, services, and more within a single app. Becoming Southeast Asia’s everyday app for ordering whatever people need on demand.

Your restaurant could follow the same playbook and evolve your food delivery app into a diverse money-making machine, such as groceries, convenience items, household essentials, pet supplies, and alcohol.

The key is picking complementary services that leverage existing capabilities, like your delivery fleet while providing more value and convenience for customers in one place. And not just any place—your app! This earns you more wallet share from happy users plus troves of cross-service data to optimize operations, guide innovation, and personalize engagement. Expanding your offerings via a super app strategy makes your brand indispensable – and able to defeat single-niche competitors.

You can follow their tried and true model for success by making a Gojek clone the next big move for your restaurant. Customers will go gaga over your on-demand food delivery while you rake in the dough and data. It’s a recipe for savory success!

White-label Gojek clones – your restaurant’s secret ingredient!

See how starting your foray into food delivery by tapping a seasoned tech partner and an already proven model is a recipe for savory success? Being bold never tasted so good. So lay the foundations with a white-label Gojek clone all your own!

The choice is clear. Taking your restaurant into the future means owning your customer experience via mobile. Turn to a seasoned on-demand player ready with battle-tested templates so you can focus on differentiation through smart features and brilliant design. Start crafting your mobile money maker today!

So don’t just stop at food delivery. Take pages from Gojek’s playbook by delighting customers with diverse on-demand services, all reachable through your ever-evolving super app! An “everyday app” for every need is a recipe for long-term success.


The market has already been penetrated in the case of only food apps. Many companies have also tried and tested a few innovative tactics to test their modern customers. Many businesses are launched and garner success because they beat their competition in many factors, from delivery times to the number of drivers on the road. But first, you must take care of the app development phase to scale your business in the future.

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