Shirt Boxes UK and Where to Find Them

Several important factors require careful attention regarding the detailed process of packaging clothing items. One of the key considerations is ensuring the complete security and preservation of the product, especially during its journey to distant destinations where protection from external elements is crucial. Among the various packaging solutions available for shirts, the use of dedicated shirt boxes in the UK emerges as an exceptionally advantageous option. 

Custom shirt boxes offer many great benefits that enhance the packaging experience. This blog outlines the advantages of using shirt boxes for protecting and presenting shirts during storage, shipping, and display. Keep on reading to learn about them.

Different Options for Shirt Boxes UK

When selecting shirt boxes, you have numerous packaging options to choose from that can be customized to fit your budget and cater to your industry’s needs. You can select different types of boxes that are perfect for storing and presenting shirts. Here’s a detailed list of box types that work well for shirt packaging, making sure they match your branding and logistical needs perfectly.

  1. Kraft Boxes
  2. Cardboard Boxes
  3. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes
  4. Rigid Boxes

Kraft Boxes

Using kraft material for shirt boxes in the UK has a lot of benefits. When you use kraft boxes to package your t-shirts and other shirts, you’re choosing a cheap option that helps the environment. These boxes are more cost-effective because they are made from recycled materials and wood. These materials make them a green choice.

Switching from plastic to kraft boxes for custom packaging is a good way to help the environment. Kraft boxes are eco-friendly, contributing minimally to pollution during manufacturing and disposal, thus supporting green efforts.

Although kraft boxes can be strong, they might not handle heavy pressure as well as some other materials. However, they work well for shipping online because they are light, which usually makes shipping cheaper and better for the environment.

While somewhat resistant to water, it’s smart to take extra steps to protect shirts from getting damp when using kraft boxes. This might mean using extra packaging or special coatings.

Natural kraft boxes are typically brown but can be customized to various colors. They can also be tailored with different designs and finishes to enhance their appearance and effectively represent your brand.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is a suitable option for storing shirts and t-shirts. It shields them from environmental elements like dust and damage. However, it is important to note that they can easily dent if pressed. And it does not provide water resistance. This leaves your shirts vulnerable to damage if they come into contact with moisture.

Despite these limitations, cardboard offers several benefits. Using cardboard for shirt packaging is environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled materials and is also recyclable. Additionally, cardboard boxes are generally more affordable to ship compared to other materials. They are a cost-effective choice for packaging shirts.

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is an optimum kind of cardboard that can be utilized in shipping due to the fact it is very firm and can prevent shocks perfectly. Simultaneously, it is ecological because it is made from recyclable materials and is biodegradable. That includes not exploiting or generally mistreating natural resources to the above-mentioned level, and avoiding waste production. The corrugated cardboard is lighter than others and has the property to maintain for a longer time. 

Also, it carries a higher strength and rigidity than the others. When shopping or purchasing products, make sure to assess the strength level you need for packaging and shipping when selecting corrugated cardboard. First and foremost, it supports your product by providing its security and ensuring the health of our environment’s positive feedback loop.

The Single Face material consists of a single flute and a sheet of cardboard. Its purpose differs from typical box packaging.

Single Wall consists of a flute sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard, offering a lightweight and economical solution for packaging needs.

Double Wall boxes have two layers of fluting sandwiched between four layers of cardboard. They provide extra security and can resist water better than single-wall boxes.

Triple wall boxes consist of three layers of fluting sandwiched between six layers of cardboard. They offer the highest level of security and protection for your products.

Rigid Boxes

The best kind of packaging box for your product is the rigid box. Rigid boxes are great for gift boxes. Many customers want packaging that looks nice for giving gifts. People buy shirts not just for themselves but also to give as gifts. So, using rigid boxes can boost your sales. 

The Last Word

These boxes use recycled and sustainable materials, making them environmentally friendly. When we use these boxes, we help reduce waste and lessen our impact on the environment. They are easily recyclable or reusable for different purposes, reducing pollution and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


  1. What different sizes and shapes of boxes can you make?
    We can make boxes in all sorts of styles to fit your product perfectly.
  2. What factors matter most when creating custom designs?
    Custom packaging boxes should be made exactly as the customer wants. They should be the right size and shape, and the materials used should be recyclable. There are lots of ways to customize them, and they should look stylish and unique to be truly personalized.

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