5 Myths about Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver

Has your favourite smartphone fallen from the bed? Now, you have a broken screen. Further, you may think: Should I head to a repair shop for cell phone repair in Vancouver? You are not the only person who has doubts about phone repair shops. There are other people, too, who hesitate to repair their smartphones and opt for a phone replacement. 

Moreover, phone users who are reluctant to repair their smartphones have misconceptions about phone repairs. In this post, we are going to debunk those phone repair myths.

5 Common Misconceptions about Phone Repairs    

Firstly, we want to tell you phone repairs are not costly, and they do not interrupt people’s daily lives, too. In any case, the following are the five common myths that smartphone users have about cell phone repairs:

Data Erases with Phone Repair

When it comes to smartphone issues, most of the problems that phone users encounter are with the hardware. For instance, you may face an issue with your cell phone screen or a button. Moreover, it means your phone data is not in peril when your smartphones suffer from a hardware issue. Still, some smartphone users back up their phone data as a precautionary measure though it is not usually necessary.

However, you may also back up your cell phone data prior to phone repair. Besides, you can also ask cell phone repair experts to manage that for you.

You Must Visit the Manufacturer

Suppose you may have an iPhone which faults over time for some reason. Who will you go to fix your broken iPhone? Perhaps Apple, especially if you think that only the manufacturer can fix your device. Many smartphone users have the same perception, which is not, in fact, right, too.

Besides manufacturers, many third-party repair shops specialize in smartphone repairs. Not to mention, technicians at third-party repair shops get the same training as those who work for smartphone manufacturers. It also means they can also fix broken smartphones, such as the Samsung smartphone, as good as new.

Furthermore, you can have a great experience, too, if you opt for a third-party repair shop for phone repairs. Why? Technicians at third-party repair shops can fix your broken phones at considerably lower costs than manufacturers.

Phone Repairs Are Expensive

Another misconception that cell phone users have about phone repairs is the cost. Of course, cell phone repair in Vancouver will cost you more if you have an advanced phone. But what about the warranty if you have it? If you can utilize the warranty to fix your device, it will certainly cost you less.

Moreover, third-party phone repair shops are also open to bargains. You can shop around in your area to get the best deal for your phone model. In addition, you should not forget repairing an older smartphone will cost you less.   

Phone Repairs Are Hectic and Take Loads of Time

There are smartphone users who believe that cell phone repairs take a lot of time. Moreover, they believe it may take them days or weeks to have their devices back working as usual. Opting for the manufacturer to repair your broken phone may take longer than you expect. 

However, you do not need to wait for your turn when you choose a third-party shop for cell phone repair. Technicians at third-party shops can fix your broken device in a matter of minutes. Still, it is important you find and choose a reputable third-party repair shop for repair.   

Water damage Is Impossible to Fix

Suppose your smartphone falls into a bowl of water, you may think it won’t ever turn on now. Water can certainly damage smartphones that are not water-resistant. Still, there are phone repair technicians who not only claim to fix water-damaged phones but also fix them.

Put differently, there are chances to revive your water-damaged device as long as the damage is not severe. However, the truth it phone repair technicians do not claim that they can always fix water-damaged devices. Still, it is best to visit a third-party repair shop that offers free phone diagnostics. It will possibly help you revive your device and also avoid wasting money on a phone repair that you cannot fix


Some cell phone users who own a smartphone have some misconceptions about cell phone repairs. Moreover, we have recapitulated the myths below that phone users have about smartphone repairs:

  1. Data Erases with Phone Repair
  2. You Must Visit the Manufacturer
  3. Phone Repairs Are Expensive
  4. Phone Repairs Are Hectic and Take Loads of Time
  5. Water damage Is Impossible to Fix

All of the above things do not hold when it comes to cell phone repairs. Lastly, you can confidently head to a repair shop for cell phone repair in Vancouver to fix your broken smartphone.  

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