Canadian Compounding Pharmacy Myths

When it comes to buying prescription medicines, a compounding pharmacy in Canada is one of your options. Nevertheless, you may have some doubts when buying medicines from a compounding pharmacy. For example, you may worry about the safety and affordability of medicines. 

Besides, you are not alone. Many people have myths about buying medicines from compounding pharmacies in Canada, especially online. We are going to debunk those myths in our post.

Debunking the Common Myths about Canadian Compounding Pharmacies

Here are the common prevailing myths about Canadian compounding pharmacies that we want to debunk:

Compounding Pharmacies Are Not Safe

You may think there is a certain degree of risk when you shop for prescription medications online. Moreover, you may think it is even riskier to buy your medications from a compounding pharmacy. Well, the fact is that compounded medicines are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. Yet, they are safe to buy as long as you are buying them from a legitimate Canadian pharmacy.

Besides, legitimate compounding pharmacies strictly adhere to safety protocols and standards. It ensures that the medicines they produce for patients are of high quality and also safe.

Online Compounding Pharmacies Offer Poor Customer Service

Good customer service is what any reputable and reliable Canadian pharmacy will never compromise on. The same holds for online compounding pharmacies. However, there is a misconception among people that compounding pharmacies that operate online offer poor customer service. It is not true, too, as trustworthy and legitimate online compounding pharmacies in Canada prioritize customers first.

Put differently, reputable compounding pharmacies ensure they provide their customers with high-quality service and medications. They strive hard to come up with one-of-a-kind medications for patients while ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can always count on the customer service of a legitimate online compounding pharmacy in Canada.    

Compounding Pharmacies Keep the Sources of Medicines a Secret

In Canada, very strict safety protocols and standards apply when it comes to medications. Compounding pharmacies are no different in this regard. Moreover, drugs undergo substantial vetting in Canada when legitimate compounding pharmacies source them from other countries. 

Not to mention, prescription medications you can buy in Canada are very much similar you buy in the United States. Furthermore, compounded pharmacies in Canada do not keep sources of medicines a secret. It ensures patients get the medicines with the right ingredients based on their unique needs. 

Compounding Pharmacies Are Not Regulated

When it comes to safety and quality control, Canadian compounding pharmacies never make a compromise. Reputable compounding pharmacies in Canada have at least one advisory organization to certify the safety of their operations. For instance, OCS (Ontario College of Pharmacists) is a regulatory body in Ontario that also provides licenses to compounding pharmacies. Based on all of the aforementioned things, it is wrong to say that compounding pharmacies are not regulated.

Compounding Pharmacies Offer Poor Quality Drugs 

Firstly, it is no secret that every brand name drug has a generic version available. Moreover, a generic version of medicine is more appropriate at times, too. Besides, generic versions of medicines are also cheaper yet not inappropriate for some patients to use, too. Not to mention, you can get generic versions of such drugs from a compounded pharmacy. However, you will need a doctor’s prescription for that.

Furthermore, generic versions of medicines are cheaper does not mean compounding pharmacies offer poor quality generic drugs as compounded medicines. Reputable compounding pharmacies will offer you the same drug as per your doctor’s prescription. 

Compounding Pharmacies Face Hurdles to Develop Appropriate Drugs or Therapies for Patients

One of the reasons prescription drugs in the United States, in particular, cost more is the innovation excuse. Well, it is true pharmaceutical companies spend a significant amount of money on research and development. It also leads prices of many prescription drugs to hike, especially those that have been unavailable in the market for years.

However, compounding pharmacies in Canada address drug shortages. They can make drugs that are unavailable in the market available for patients. Besides, compounding pharmacists in compounding pharmacies specialize in doing that based on a doctor’s prescription. Thus, it is another myth about Canadian compounding pharmacies that they cannot develop appropriate drugs and therapies for patients


A compounding pharmacy in Canada is one of the options for patients to buy prescription drugs. However, people have myths about Canadian compounding pharmacies when it comes to buying medicines, which we have recapitulated below:

  1. Compounding pharmacies are not safe.
  2. Online compounding pharmacies offer poor customer service.
  3. Compounding pharmacies keep the sources of medicines a secret.
  4. Compounding pharmacies are not regulated.
  5. Compounding pharmacies offer poor quality drugs. 
  6. Compounding pharmacies face hurdles to develop appropriate drugs or therapies for patients.

To finish, these misconceptions are not true about Canadian compounding pharmacies that play an important role in making appropriate drugs available for patients.

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