5 Tips for Rat Control in Vancouver

Seeing a rat in your house in Vancouver can scare you, similar to many other people. Not to mention, they are even scarier than mice because of their large size and grosser appearance. Rat control in Vancouver in your home is important, too, to ensure your residential space is rat-free.

Contrarily, ignoring rat infestations can lead you to face serious troubles. In this post, we shall share with you 5 quick tips concerning rat control. Prior to sharing those tips with you, we want you to understand how rats are a threat to you.

How Are Rats a Threat to You?

Rats are certainly nuisance pests to find in your home and are also carriers of many diseases. Leptospirosis, Bubonic Plague, Lass Fever, Hantavirus, etc., are health risks that rats carry for you. 

Considering the health risks pesky rats pose to you, rat control in your home is important. It not only ensures your health and wellness but also the peace of mind you deserve to have. By the same token, we are going to share with you 5 quick tips for rat control on your premises.

5 Quick Tips for Rat Control in Your Home in Vancouver

Here are five quick tips that can help you with rat control in your home in Vancouver

Seal the Entry Points for Rats

Rats can enter your home via openings that are a half-inch in diameter. By the same token, you should look for openings in your home. If there are openings in your home, such as holes or crevices, they can serve as entry points for rats. Therefore, you should seal those entry points with copper mesh or steel wool.

Try a Brand-New Rat Trap

At times, rats are picky, which means all types of rat traps won’t always work against rats. For the same reason, you should try a brand-new rat trap to get rid of the rat. Also, make sure to use gloves while you handle a rat trap in your house. However, take all precautions you can, as rats and mice are picky pests.

Stick to a Snap Trap If It Works

You may have previously used a snap trap to get rid of the rat problem. Moreover, it might have worked for you. By the same token, you may use a snap trap as your bait to exterminate your rat problem. Nonetheless, it may not work for you for some reason. In such a scenario, you can count on pest control experts for rat control in Vancouver in your home.   

Wear Gloves While Handling Rat Traps

We already mentioned you should use gloves when you handle a rat trap. The same holds for rodent control devices. It is important as oils from our hands can transfer to rodent traps. Moreover, rodents, such as rats, can detect our human scent and become prudent. For this reason, you should wear gloves in your hands when you are using a rodent trap.

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Check Door Sweeps & Seals for Deterioration, Plus Fix Them

Garage doors can deteriorate with time because of seasonal changes and age. The same holds for door sweeps. For the same reason, you should check your door sweeps and seals for deterioration. If you see them deteriorating, it can invite rats to your property. Therefore, make sure you fix your deteriorating door sweeps and seals to deter rats.  

Sticking to these five quick tips, you can get rid of your rat problem. If you fail to exterminate rats from your property on your own, do not hesitate to call professionals. 

Why Call Professionals for Rat Control?

Pest control experts study pests and know what works against pests and what does not. Moreover, pest control companies with rodent control experts can eliminate your rodent problem fast. Rodent control professionals can implement the best treatments in infested premises for rat removal. It not only ensures complete rat extermination from an infested property. But also avert future infestations from recurring on the same premises.

Not to mention, professional rat extermination proves cost-effective in the long run. By the same token, professionals are your best bet for rat removal if pesky rats infest your beloved home.


Finding rats in your home can scare you. Not to mention, they are even bigger than mice. Moreover, a rat infestation in your home poses a threat to your health. There are some quick tips you can capitalize on for rat control in Vancouver. We have also recapitulated those five tips below:

  1. Seal the entry points for rats.
  2. Try a brand-new rat trap.
  3. Stick to a snap trap if it works.
  4. Wear gloves while handling rat traps.
  5. Check door sweeps & seals for deterioration, plus fix them.

Lastly, count on professionals if these quick tips do not solve your rat problem.

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